General Operations FAQS

Is there a charge for recycling my concrete or asphalt?

We have a small handling fee of $2 for any amount.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or checks.  If you are an established business with good payment track record, we will invoice you as a matter of convenience.  Please check with the scale house for a credit application.  At this time we do not accept credit or debit cards.

Do you have season hours of operation? 

Yes, we do.  We are open full time in the Spring when the weather breaks through Fall until the weather breaks back the other way.   Winter hours are dependent upon the type of winter we have.  Best plan is to call after mid-November through mid-April to double check the yard availability.

We have a wide variety of products available to suit just about any of your companies needs. Please be sure to check out our price and product inventory for a complete line of recycled material.



Honesty, Quality and Commitment

Further information regarding payments, fees, and hours.

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Please thoroughly read our list of what is allowed to be brought to West Michigan Recycle as well as the items we do not allow.

When you choose West Michigan Recycle your materials will be used for many other purposes which keeps them out of the landfills

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Can I recycle concrete, asphalt or field stone at your yard?

Yes! We are happy to help the community in recycling concrete, asphalt and stone or rock. Come on by with your bucket, pick up trailer, or gravel train; no amount is to big or too small!  Homeowners, dumpster companies, construction crews and municipalities are all welcome to recycle at our yard.

Do you rent dumpsters for recycling concrete and/or asphalt?  

We do not operate a dumpster rental service, but are affiliated with several.  We are happy to recommend one if you call.  For large jobs that require more then a dumpster or two, we do have a fleet of vehicles that are available; please call our Hamilton office for further information.

Why should I recycle concrete and asphalt?

Recycling saves you time and money.  We are much closer then the landfill, cheaper then the landfill, and considerably easier on your equipment than the landfill!  With some clean-up and processing, concrete and asphalt can be reused for a variety of useful purposes.  There are limits to our aggregate resources and as good stewards we should all do our part to manage them effectively.

How are recycled concrete and asphalt used?

We make several products from the concrete and asphalt recycle at our yard.  Check out our products page for common uses of the different products available.

My concrete/asphalt is mixed with dirt and/or re-rod, is this okay?

Dirt and re-rod are not a problem; trash and brush are.  We can accept most anything encased in the concrete or asphalt and the dirt that comes up with it.  Please dispose of all trash at an appropriate disposal facility.  Brush can be recycled at I.B. compost in Zeeland, MI.